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nRF51-dk and the .NET RPC Lib

I just got the new dk and am wanting to know if the .net library will allow me to write code for the nRF51 series of chips.

I am brand new to this environment, but the mbed system looks really powerful.

My needs are simple.

I am building a Motion detection system.

I want to have multiple "satellite" boards with a nRF51822 chip and a PIR (passive infrared) motion detector connected to it.

When motion is detected, the satellite will send a bit to an Intel Edison board, which will forward the data on to the cloud with it's built in wifi.

I am a .net c# developer and would love to be able to write this code using Visual Studio.

Any suggestions or help would be appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your help.

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I believe embedded dev is possible with visual studio, saw some people using it at least for writing the code, debugging is another story. The RPC lib is part of mbed SDK. Look for it on mbed, yuou will find it. Here's the link http://developer.mbed.org/cookbook/Interfacing-Using-RPC for some information. I am not familiar with .NET RPC lib, but you can easily compare if they are compatible.


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Thank you Martin, I am reviewing the interfacing-using -rpc now.

posted by Terrence Spencer 13 Nov 2014