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nRF51822-mkit Hex vs Bin

(I couldn't start a discussion so this entered under question even though it is just FYI)

To load a bin or hex file into the nRF51822-mkit:

  • bin:
    • connect USB while RESET pressed
    • copy bin near mbed_bl.htm (USB Drive from mkit)
    • wait till completed (USB Drive vanishes and LED blinks steady)
    • disconnect mkit from USB
    • reconnect mkit to USB (without Reset).
  • hex:
    • Connect mkit to USB (without Reset)
    • copy hex near mbed.htm (USB Drive from mkit)
    • FYI: If powered with Reset Pressed then will get error of insufficient space when trying to load large hex file.

Question relating to:

The nRF51822-mKIT is a low cost ARM mbed enabled development board for Bluetooth® Smart designs with the nRF51822 SoC. The kit gives access to all GPIO pins via pin headers …

Worked for me, myself, and I :)

posted by Paul Russell 11 Nov 2014

this relates to updating the interface firmware, doesn't it. Could you please make that explicit? Could you please also refer to how once can obtain the interface firmware? Then you'll be certain to have it working for many more than yours, yourself, and you. :)

This post belongs under the 'community' section of teams/Bluetooth-Low-Energy.

posted by Rohit Grover 11 Nov 2014

This relates to the page of nRF51822-mkit FOTA, specifically loading the listed image file

posted by Paul Russell 11 Nov 2014
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