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Nordic nRF51822 (e.g. HRM1017) flow control

I need to use the flow control of the nRF51822. Compilation fails when I use a line along the lines of:

set_flow_control(flow, rts, cts);

set_flow_control isn't defined. After some digging I see that it is because the #define DEVICE_SERIAL_FC 1 isn't present in the following location:


Why has this not been included? Can I easily add it in somehow (e.g. is there another version of mbed-src that has it)?

Question relating to:

The Switch Science mbed HRM1017 is FCC and Japan radio type approved Bluetooth low energy development board with the Nordic's nRF51822 SoC. This board is also compatible with nRF51822-mKIT except …
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