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How to start debugging using LPCXpresso v7.4.0


I just exported the Mbed_Blinky example program to LPCXpresso v7.4.0.

It compiled and linked the library files with no errors.

My question is how to interface LPCXpresso compiler with mbed NXP LPC1768 board.

Do I need to buy LPC-Link or Red Probe?

Or I just need to install linker driver?

Thanks for your answers.

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I already received the answer from LPCware forum.

posted by Elianco S 05 Nov 2014

I'd like to know that too... I have a mbed lpc1768 board and want to use it offline with LPCXpresso. Can someone walk me through that?

posted by Joao Tragtenberg 26 May 2015
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