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Immediate Alert & Link Loss Services

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as far as I see, Immediate Alert & Link Loss Services for nRF51822 are not implemented in BLE API. Are there any plans that they get implemented and included in the API soon? If not, how difficult would it be implementing them? Can I do it on my own having not so advanced C++ programming skills? Are there any documentation about it?

Checking out the source files, service implementations look a bit confusing to me. For standardized services like Heart Rate or Health Thermometer, there seems to be only a header file with class declaration. On the other hand for DFU and UART services there are both .cpp and .h files, where the cpp files are composed of some constants mostly without any real functional implementation.

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Here's an implementation for the LinkLoss service:

Import programBLE_LinkLoss

Demo for the LinkLoss Service.

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