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FRDM-K64F + FRDM-FXS-MULTI-B no output from gyro


I have the FRDM-K64F + FRDM-FXS-MULTI-B but when I run your example I have no output from gyro.

Do I need to set something ? Like jumpers ?

The output on serial port is:

FXLS8471 Acc: X: 0.048 Y:-0.052 Z: 1.011 (Raw X: 198 Y:-213 Z:4141) MMA8652 Acc: X: 0.002 Y:-0.031 Z: 0.998 (Raw X: 7 Y:-126 Z:4088) FXOS8700 Acc: X: 0.000 Y: 0.000 Z: 0.000 FXOS8700 Mag: X: 0.00 Y: 0.00 Z: 0.00 MAG3110 Mag: X: 0.00 Y: 0.00 Z: 0.00 FXAS21000 Gyro: X: 16.80 Y: 0.00 Z: 0.00 MPL3115A2 Alt: 19596.0 MPL3115A2 Temp: 0.0

Seems like only first accel is working, but other values are not correct and not changing.

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Example program for the Freescale Multi-Sensor Shield, based on based on SPI and I2C connectivity Altimeter, Freescale, I2C, magnetometer, sensor, shield, SPI

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I have the FRDM-K64F + FRDM-FXS-MULTI-B and I had the same problem!!! I changed the pinnames in the main.cpp and it worked. The SDA and SCL pins of the FRDM-K64F rev. A are reversed. Replace D14 with A5 and D15 with A4 and it should work. (I removed the Altimeter code).


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Are you reading I2C 0 or 1?

I was having that problem until I realized I was on the wrong I2C bus.

Thank you, it was helpful

posted by Victor Ferman 29 Apr 2015