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Why is the SD-Card not working ?

Hello Community,

I want to take my SD card in operation. So i bought me a "MicroSD Breakout Board" and connect the pins like the example.

CS o-o 8 (DigitalOut cs)

DI o-o 5 (SPI mosi)


SCK o-o 7 (SPI sclk)


DO o-o 6 (SPI miso)

My SD Card is a FAT32 SanDisk Ultra Micro SD 16GB SDHC

I tried a lot of programs from the mbed.org but everytime i get the feedback:

initialise_card No disk, or could not put SD card in to SPI idle state init card = 0

Has anyone the same problem or can help me?

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6 years, 8 months ago.

Do you have a small SD card <= 1Gb for a test ? I'm not shure if all SDHC cards are support the SPI mode.

I tested it with a 1GB SanDisk. It isn't working ("File not Found"). Does anyone have a link from a micro SD card which works 100%? Preferably from Germany or from Amazon.

posted by Marvin D. 24 Oct 2014