7 years, 8 months ago.

IAP function call never returns


I am using IAP calls to get processor ID, and to read/write EEPROM on an LPC11U24. This works fine .... most of the times. About once every 1000 EEPROM writes, the call to IAP function never returns. I'm using the USB serial library in the same application, the device is connected to a PC+Win7. When the problem occurs, the processor is still alive, the serial port does not get disconnect by Windows, and I can see some activity on the USB lines. Is there some known conflicts between EEPROM write IAP function and some mbed libraries, especially USB ? Should I turn off some interrupt sources while writing to the EEPROM ? What if I turn off the USB interrupt ? I guess if the IAP call takes to much time, I'll get disconnected by Windows ? Any advise would be welcome. Regards PP

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