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Importing NTPClient_HelloWorld and HTTPClient_HelloWorld

While importing NTPClient_HelloWorld and HTTPClient_HelloWorld I get the error: The remote repository doesn't exist:NTPClient_HelloWorld/mbed-rtos/rtos The remote repository doesn't exist:NTPClient_HelloWorld/mbed-rtos/rtx

The remote repository doesn't exist:HTTPClient_HelloWorld/mbed-rtos/rtos The remote repository doesn't exist:HTTPClient_HelloWorld/mbed-rtos/rtx

And then I die. Where should I go to figure this out? The basic K64F programs compile fine.

------------------ I started looking for where I got the above and Found TCPSocket_HelloWorld: I imported it, compiled, downloaded and installed then fired up putty:

IP Address is Received 299 chars from server: HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently

Server: nginx/1.1.19

Date: Wed, 08 Oct 2014 22:44:38 GMT

Content-Type: text/html; charset=iso-8859-1

Content-Length: 344

Connection: close

Location: http://developer.mbed.org/media/uploads/mbed_official/hello.txt


X-L1-backend Received 299 chars from server: :

<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-IETFDTD HTML 2.0EN"> <html><head> <title>301 Moved Permanently</title> </head><body> <h1>Moved Permanently</h1> <p>The document has moved <a href="http://developer.mbed.org/media/uploads/mbed_official/hello.txt">here</a>.</p> <hr> <address>Apa Received 71 chars from server: che/2.4.7 (Ubuntu) Server at mbed.org Port 80</address> </body></html>

Note I had to set putty Terminal/ Implicit CR and Implicit LF to get lines with LF I will keep looking for the other but I think it was a program written for something other then K64F AND While I'm editing this post everything looks good, line breaks where they should be but when I post everything turns to garbage, no line breaks.

Can you post links to where you're importing these programs from?

posted by Sam Grove 08 Oct 2014
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