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Interfacing mbed Nucleo devices with Arduino Wi-Fi sheild ?

hi, Can we interface mbed Nucleo devices with Arduino Wi-Fi sheild ? has anyone tried in implementing this ? Can i use Arduino code to implement it or should i use mbed code ?

Last time I checked there was no mbed code for the Arduino Wi-Fi shield. Implementing it should be doable with Arduino code besides it, especially since it should handle most of the low level stuff. However these days most use Wi-Fi probably with CC3000 based boards, or WiFly boards.

posted by Erik - 06 Oct 2014

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Erik provided a comment which answers your question. There were people asking the same question but nobody has made it further to implement EthernetInterface for arduino wifi shield. You did not specify which one, I noticed there is new shield using atmel chip (Arduino Wi-Fi Shield 101). I'll look at that one how are drivers developed. That one might be in interest for some people.


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Hi Martin

I am also looking at the same. I need for Arduino wifi Shield(http://arduino.cc/en/Main/ArduinoWiFiShield) that uses HDG104 chip. Can you please give me some ideas on how to write a library for it. Are there any references that will help me to start? Please share ...