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Any official work on HTTP server ?

Is there any ongoing work or a plan for developing HTTP server capability added to Ethernet Interface ? This really is a need for the projects I am trying to develop and I do not want to revert back to old versions of basic libraries.



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I have put together a simple server that can serve files from the SD card and has some simple CGI support. It is very basic, but a start: http://mbed.org/users/gsteiert/code/HTTPDcgi/

posted by Greg Steiert 06 Apr 2013

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I have also created an HTTP Server. I think it is quite useful and it also support RPC. It is also possible to extend the functionality.

You may want to look at it here HTTPServer using EthernetInterface.

Thanks Henry

7 years, 3 months ago.

Although it is not official, I am making the HTTP server for WebService. Also TCP-IP protocol stack of the server is not official.

The server can not handle DELETE and the PUT method now. I will make it, if you still need.

Import librarylibMiMic

This is Webservice SDK for mbed. LPCXpresso1769/LPC1768/FRDM-K64F/LPC4088

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I made an example of server using the current version of the network library. Basically, it receives HTTP requests (GET, PUT and DELETE). It executes an RPC command (contained in the url) and then sends back some html code. For more information, click here.


7 years, 8 months ago.

None of the TCP/IP protocols, or service APIs, will be officially developed by the mbed team. Unfortunately, we do not have the resources to do that. Moreover, given the constrained resources, very likely it will not be possible to have an HTTP Server satisfying everyone requirements. More likely there will be multiple HTTP Servers addressing different use cases.

Thanks to Takuya Urakawa, there is a first simple HTTP Server based on the official TCP/IP libraries.

A full list of applications is here: TCP IP protocols and APIs.

Cheers, Emilio

I understand, not having enough TCP/IP knowledge to write libs for my needs is the issue. Then I think the best way is using a Raspberry maybe to establish web-based controls for mbed that is stable and possible to develop.

Thanks Orhan

posted by Orhan Dengiz 06 Mar 2013