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Is there (or will there be) an actual Device Server?

That is, will you be providing an actual Server to which we can connect - at least for evaluation/development purposes?

Or will this be something we will have to provide or source ourselves?



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If you are looking for a opensource/free solution TODAY for managing your MBED devices:

http://eclipse.org/wakaama/ a Lightweight M2M client (run on MBED) http://github.com/jvermillard/leshan/ a Lightweight M2M server (soon an eclipse project)

posted by Julien Vermillard 07 Oct 2014

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Hi Andrew,

The Device Server software will generally be licensed and used by:

  • Product companies running services for their own devices, with Device Server instances on their own managed physical/virtual servers or cloud environments
  • Service companies providing IoT platforms for product companies, who run Device Server as part of their PaaS/SaaS stack to provide the IoT device services they plan (e.g. salesforce, IBM, wot.io etc)

So service and platforms companies will be springing up that give you access to Device Server as part of their solutions, and some will even no-doubt have freemium tiers to have free access.

But as you suggest, we'll also be hosting a version of Device Server on mbed.org itself for development purposes, so people can develop and test their products. So long way to a short answer; yes!


Thanks, Simon!

Any idea when your "development" server will be available to use?


posted by Andrew Neil 02 Oct 2014
8 years, 8 months ago.

The only problem I foresee is MONEY! Companies charge you for the equipment sale, and then also a service plan... just to have your refrigerator work right... LOL! Not that severe, I hope, but you get the picture. That is why I love open source, I can build, maintain, modify, boost, and operate all of my devices.

I think maybe there is still some time before it is fully appreciated how transformative IoT has the potential to be in terms of business model innovation and how it can benefit everyone. A good example for me of how people reimagine business models that encourage the right underlying behaviour (trying to make things as reliable as possible, rather than break as the money is in spares) would be something like:

This is not about IoT, but you can see how changing their business from a product to a service company had huge benefits for themselves and the airlines. You can even see how towards the end, they are starting to use IoT technologies to improve that model even further!

posted by Simon Ford 03 Oct 2014