8 years ago.

Format MBED drive?

Dear all. I have been quick format my MBED because the MBED always 'hang' when save the file. could somebody tell me, is there any effect to the MBED it self? because I did not find serial com port in a system. thanks b4.

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8 years ago.

I think that absolutely not. As I experienced, when I format mbed drive and reset mbed, mbed.html file appears on disk again. Also (not tested) drive can being reformated to FAT 12, 512 bytes per sector by magic chip if it sees that format of drive is different. I will test it when I will return home.

Try to hold reset button while connected to USB if You are using program which uses local filesystem and permanently accesses mbed's drive. This will free mbed's drive and serial port to be available to host PC.

When mbed's drive is used by program (for longer time period), mbed itself is "soft" disconnected from host. When program stop access to local filesystem mbed becomes "soft" connected again. Mbed is composite USB device and both (mbed's drive and serial port) are not available when device gets soft disconnected until filesystem is accessed from program.

Please correct me if it is not so.

If this will not work, try to re-install serial driver for mbed.

Accepted Answer
8 years ago.

yes you can format it. it has no harm .