7 years, 4 months ago.

bug in mbed editor when using chrome

when expanding the source window, and minimizing again.

Sometimes the cursor position gets offset app. 5 lines, vertically, when using the mouse to position the cursor.

probably due to some scaling related to the full size editor window...

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7 years, 4 months ago.


Thanks for the bug report!
We've applied a hotfix to the Compiler that should solve the positioning issue.
Please don't hesitate to contact us if you are experiencing any other regression.


now the offset is down to only 1 line ;-)

posted by morten opprud 26 Feb 2013

Hi, the problem of the offset in the cursor position seems to be not sollved. Using Chrome I have one line of offset scaling independent.

Kind regards Vincenzo

posted by vincenzo genovese 31 Oct 2013