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c# message reader from mbed


Currently I am trying to get my head around to make in C# (using visual studio) console display terminal (like Tera Term) to display messages such as Hello World whenever mbed sends it through serial port.

I don't need any information going back to mbed through serial port meanwhile,

Could anyone help me out? like an example code or how to interpret information from serial input and display it correctly on console when I use something like "WriteLine(string_from_mbed)"?

Thanks in advance. :)

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I have just found an example which is very close to what I am looking for, it did not solve my problem, however if anyone is hoping for a solution here (an no one answered this question)

this should help -> http://stackoverflow.com/questions/22348936/serial-port-c-sharp-how-to-interpret-data-received

posted by Tomek Ksiezarek 10 Sep 2014

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I once made a similar application on C#, I dont have the code but what i remember, I let the mbed board to serially communicate with the c#.

I was sending the data serially using Serial rf(USBTX.USBRX) and was receiving the data from c# application by the help of serial instance on C#