9 years ago.

Is this the latest code and does it work

What is inter? THanks.

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Lightning detector AS3935 library from arduino ported to mbed. Hardware I2C

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9 years ago.

The code work with NXP LPC1768. inter is a mbed led, just for debug. The AS3935 is sensible to noise in power lines, mobiles phones, etc... A lightstorm is detected when a power supply is connected.


Thanks. I'll check it out tonight when I get home. I'm using the LPC1768. Major lightning storm last night and didnt get any interrupts from the mod-1016. I put a high on the interrupt pin and the interrupt is working. I also have the latest Mod-1016 and changed the address to 0x03. Supposed to have thunder storms today. Thanks again.

posted by Jerry Chapman 08 Sep 2014