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KDS Export of K64F project: RTOS Assembler files


I am trying to export and build a FRDM-K64F project I have that uses the the Ethernet and RTOS libraries. I am also using the mbed_src library rather than the normal mbed library (I need to be able to present all the source for this project - libraries are not acceptable).

When exported using the KDS option and loaded into KDS, it will not build.

It throws an error in RT_Task.c "undefined reference to `rt_get_PSP"

That reference is contained in an assembly file "HAL_CM4.s" in "mbed-rtos\rtx\TARGET_M4\TOOLCHAIN_GCC"

Can anyone advise how I go about adding these assembler projects to the KDS project?

And how would I advise someone of the issue with the exporter?


Phillip, did you ever manage to figure this out? I'm in the same situation here. I'm currrently just starting with mbed-rtos, and a project with only that included does compile well, but it does not execute if you make calls into mbed-rtos, like Thread::wait().

posted by Dave M 09 Dec 2014

Yep, I rolled back to an older mbed source library. I've tried more recent ones a couple of times but with no luck.

Frankly, I think mbed is broken .. I've given up on it. I think they're trying to maintain more platforms than they are able to, and adding all the new super-stuff is going to make things worse. I've moved on, and found a happier place, though it took more work to get there.

posted by Philllip Dimond 09 Dec 2014
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