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When will exporting LPC2368 code to uVision toolchain be supported?

Also, I can create a zip file with my files in it, but I can't use the mbed.h functions because the only versions of the file I can find are pre-built so I can't compile the header file in uVision. Is there a place to find a non-prebuilt version of the mbed.h header?

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6 years, 11 months ago.

Hi, I had the same problem exporting LPC2368 code to uVision.

I also would like to have one uVision project and compile the same code for different MCUs (LPC11U24, LPC2368 & LPC1768) with only one click.

This is the magic of mbed libraries. You just write your code once and you can use it in 3 different processors!

For this reason I create a uVision project with all three libraries together. You can just put your code in this project select which MCU you would like to use and just compile it. The project creates a hex file in order to program your MCU via FlashMagic or a bin file in order to program your mbed. It also creates a modified binary file with VUC in order to use the LPC11U24 native USB bootloader. The project has all the necessary settings in order to debug your application via ULINK, if you use your own LPC boards.





The mbed libraries included are v43. But you can easily get newer mbed libraries via svn http://mbed.org/projects/libraries/svn/mbed/trunk

Perhaps it would be good idea if mbed compiler had an option to create a similar keil uVision project for all MCUs.



While this does work for the older libraries I have tried it with the latest version and there are library conflicts between the new mbed libraries and the uVision standard libraries that are unresolvable, as far as I know.

posted by Jay Guild 12 Mar 2013