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u-blox C027 SARA-G350 GSM ouput power

Hi everyone

I'm currently working with the C027 with the SARA-G350 GSM module. My goal is to send some bursts in the 900MHz band. I use the UTEST AT-command for that: "AT+UTEST=3,32,5,0,1,1000" (http://www.u-blox.com/images/downloads/Product_Docs/u-blox-ATCommands_Manual_%28UBX-13002752%29.pdf, page 279 et seq.). This triggers a burst in 1 time slot at 896.4 MHz for 1000 ms correctly.

According to the SARA-G3 series datasheet (http://www.u-blox.com/images/downloads/Product_Docs/SARA-G3_DataSheet_%28UBX-13000993%29.pdf, page 24, table 16) i should get 32.2 dBm output power. But i only measure -18 dBm maximum. My first guess was the wrong power supply that i used 7V @ 500mA. So i changed it to 9V at 1.66 A which should be enough according to maximum input characteristics, but the output power level stayed the same.

Has anyone encountered a similar problem? Or am I missing some hints in the datasheets about power level limitations?

Thanks in advance for you answers


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