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K64_120 RTC accuracy specs

I am looking for some specs on the accuracy of the Kinetis K64_120 Real Time Clock. Can't seem to find what I am looking for in the data sheet or the ref man.

Just want to know if it will lose 1 sec/year or 1000 or somewhere in between.

It would be nice if it was as accurate as the DS3231, but I have much doubt if it is as accurate as the DS3231.

Thanks for any info.


I found out the answer. The accuracy of the RTC is dependent upon the external xtal as it isn't like a complete stand alone RTC like the DS3231. I don't want to babysit the xtal so I will add a DS3231 and get the 1 sec/year I want.

posted by Tim Rotunda 25 Aug 2014
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