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Custom NXP1768 hardware

I have completed schematics, layout, and fabricated a board with NXP1768 which is based on the NGX Blueboard with some modification.

Here is my reference: NGX_Blueboard Schematics: http://shop.ngxtechnologies.com/download/Schematics/BlueBoard/BB_LPC1768_H/Blueboard_lpc1768_H_V2.pdf

Here is my schematics: /media/uploads/bjsrlu/blueboard_nxp1768.bmp please comment and feedback.

Question #1: What is the easiest way that I can get the board up and running by doing a blinking LED? I just wanted to prove my hardware is done properly. Any suggestion?

Question #2: I do have an MBED LPC1768. Also, I found this link which I think it might be helpful.

http://mbed.org/users/chris/notebook/prototype-to-hardware/ but the link to for the bootloader is broken.

Would this be the correct link instead? http://www.nxp.com/documents/user_manual/UM10360.pdf

Hi Ceri. Did you schematic work ?

posted by Miguel Wisintainer 04 Sep 2013

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11 years, 3 months ago.

you will need bin2hex, flash. magic. and a 3V3 serial lead, either FTDI, or. another MBED.

have a look at some of my posted. and also search prototype to hardware.

cheers ceri