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After using the kitchen sink firmware, system freezes

After loading the kitchen sink demo, modifying the connection settings for my Wifi and Xively information for my login there, the board works (with dropped packets). After about a minute or two of running, the serial console becomes unresponsive and the board stops uploading data. It appears to have hard crashed, requiring the board to be power cycled in order to recover. Has anyone else run in to this problem? Is there a solution for this? Do I need to start looking in to advanced debugging techniques for this board?

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It might be worth verifying what firmware version your CC3000 is at, we have an update that flashes the module to 1.28 the latest TI firmware. it would be worth doing that first.


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The updated firmware worked wonders on my board. No dropped packets. Thank you!

posted by Mark Oehlberg 04 Aug 2014