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How to make the USBDevice lib support ST Nucleo F103RB?

There's USB Device function in F103RB, but the USB Device lib of mbed does not support the chip, How to make it support the featue of Nucleo F103RB?

Hey,Hi, buddy. Have you resolved the problem?

posted by Winster Richard 08 Apr 2016

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I would be interested as well.

It seems STM32F4 is already supported

posted by Sebastian Bergt 25 Oct 2014
7 years, 1 month ago.

I needed USBDevice for my F401RE, which was quite easy to support:


I think simply adding F103RB should work too.

THanks for sharing and adding new devices there

posted by Martin Kojtal 27 Oct 2014

The USB peripheral on the F103RB /L152/F0/L0.F3 boards is not an OTG peripheral like the ones on the F4s. It is a completely different USB device peripheral with a completely different set of registers. Porting the USBdevice library to the F103 will be more involved than modifying an 'IFDEF' statement

posted by Ziryab 19 Jul 2015