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Problem in detecting mbed in Windows xp/7? Reply me ASAP

Hi sir, when I connect my mbed lpc1768 to my laptop which is running windows xp/7. system does not detect mbed.just show a removable disc icon but not mbed. I am using mbed for serial communication.the device was working fine 1 month ago, now i am running the same code again but it does not respond. Please guide me what sort of problem I might have with my device?

Reply me as soon as possible I am stuck in a project.

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5 years, 11 months ago.

I just ran into a similar problem: I connected 4 LPC1768's and left them running overnight. All doing quite some file-access, both to local filesystem and onto an SD-card (because that file-access was RTC-related, and I forgot to start the RTC properly with set_time() ...). The next day they all showed "Removable Disk" instead of "MBED" when I plugged them in. Some had also some corrupted files that couldn't be opened nor be deleted.

I want to use them in an industrial application, but I don't trust them anymore since they don't show up as brand-new mbed's anymore...

So I want them back into factory-settings, as "MBED"-drive with 1 file on it: "MBED.HTM". Anyone?

Right mouse button -> format drive.

posted by Erik - 27 Aug 2015

THANKS! After format drive + powercycle, the mbed is back to default again. (It even overwrites the volume-name that I gave it when formatting...)

posted by Patrick van Marrewijk 27 Aug 2015
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I get very well connect my embed lpc1768 to my laptop which is running windows xp/7. but there may be some chrase problem in my windows so I get help from https://babasupport.org/microsoft/windows-customer-service/150 which is a nice website I found. Anyone can get help from there after solving this issue I finally execute your steps.

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Have you tried holding the reset button when you plug the mbed in? I think if you are writing to file and the file doesn't close for whatever reason, the mbed can get stuck in a loop. If that fails I would follow the steps in the following link. https://mbed.org/cookbook/deadmbed

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So it does show you a removable disk, but it is just the serial communication that is having an issue? Remember you have to install serial drivers for each mbed you use, even if they are of the same type with the same code.