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Programming STM32F030F4 with Nucleo F030R8 ?

Hi all,

I am planning to design some little devices (like gas alarm etc..) with STM32F030F4 mcu which is very very cheap (0.50$ !!), has a lot of functions on board.(even RTC!!) and no useless extra pins..

So I am very familiar with mbed compiler and I'd like to use mbed instead of any offline compiler..

Anyway, As I examined in the forum F030F4 mcu is not compatible with Nucleo F030R8 board because of RAM and Flash amounts..

So I'd like to ask if there is a way to modify libraries to work with F030F4 mcu ??

Thanks in advance for any kind of helps...

Best regards,


I would guess that yes, based on what I have seen in the port of discovery boards tehre, they are based on nucleo boards, teh code at first sight looks like copy/paste/edit :)

posted by Martin Kojtal 24 Jul 2014

So let me take a look on mbed library inside.. Thx..

posted by Özgür Kolay 24 Jul 2014
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