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how read nrf24l01 dynamic pyload (Ianmcc liberary)

hi . i used ianmcc nrf24l01 library and i can send and receive payload but if i do not set set_rx_payload_bytes(pipe,byte) my receiver not receive my sender packet dynamic size payload . how i read payload without is do set set_rx_payload_bytes ?

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The library isn't currently setup to allow that. The nRF24L01P_PRX would need extending to enable dynamic payload. It probably isn't difficult. I'll be looking again at the lib in the next week or so, and this is something I will look at (as well as combining the send and receive functionality to switch between sending and receiving).

tanks for replay Ian McCulloch. please introduce a source for write this code dynamic payload that We do this by developing

posted by hamed ghobadi 23 Jul 2014