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How can I merge gatt server and gatt client on the same peripheral?

I'm using the nrf51822. and then I tested the samples to receive the ANCS and send to iPhone information of temperature sensor.

I would like to merge the two above-mentioned samples and I'm looking for the reference of the S110, but the reference can not be found. Gatt Client sample is using a nrf(softdevice wrapper?) object, I do not know well. and Gatt Server sample seems to be using the S110 directly.

Is It possible? Let me know. Please. if possible, may I get useful site or reference?

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Hi Takatoshi,

In theory that should be possible. ANCS should be available on peripheral connected from iPhone. (Regardless from GAP connection role) All you need is client API which is currently not available yet from mbed BLE API. You should be able to use client API (Nordic soft device API) directly though, bypassing BLE API. (The lower layer of BLE API for nRF51822-mKit itself is implemented using soft device API)

About the soft device API references, I don't think Nordic provide it for nRF51822-mKit (mbed) users. Sorry for that, I it's their policy I guess. Never try, but why don't you ask them directly? Anyway, if you bought nRF51822-EK you should be able to download the API references from their site (It is included in the SDK files).

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Moto g3 6.0.1

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