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Not initializing


I'm trying to use this library on an STM32 F401 board and can't get it to work. The only thing I've changed in the code is the pins to match that of the ST board. Not sure why but I keep getting "LPS331 is unavailable". From going through your code I dont know why it might not be working. I plugged it into my arduino to see if it was an issue with the IC but it worked fine with the arduino. Any thoughts?

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Test Program for LPS331 I2C Library.

Is the address pin high as it is set for in the code?

posted by Erik - 18 Jul 2014

if you mean the chip select (CS) pin, yes it is held high.

I've looked at the sequence on the oscilloscope and the Nucleo appears to be sending the right initialization: - Start - Address | 0 - Start - Address | 1 ..... wait for data from slave

posted by Frederic Bourgault 21 Jul 2014
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