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Hi All,

I am using SPI2 on NUCLEO-F401RE with following code.

pSPI=new SPI(PB_15, PB_14, PB_13);



While I am getting right data every couple of seconds getting incorrect data from salve. I am not sure but SPI clk doesn't look stable, is there any issue with SPI2 or SPI on this board?

Thanks, Ali

Do you have same issues with SPI0 or 1 (not certain now how many SPI modules it has) ???

SPI is tested on this board, should be functional.

posted by Martin Kojtal 11 Jul 2014

Yes, same result. I am checking my slave now.


posted by Ali Kian 11 Jul 2014

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6 years, 9 months ago.

I am having the same problem. I have been using SPI for the master and SPISlave for the slave from the libraries and sometimes I get the correct behaviour but only for a while and then bogus. Did you find a solution?

I am not sure 100% but my problem was a noise caused by serial port. I switch to a different board from TI because I was looking MCU with WiFi

posted by Ali Kian 08 Dec 2014

I am getting closer to the solution of my problem. Turns out even though both of the MCU's that I was testing were connected in the same laptop they still needed to have common ground so I connected the GND of each board and now I have much more stable behaviour even though I still have some synchronization issues.

posted by PD P 11 Dec 2014