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Which preprocessor configuration variables are defined?

The CMSIS library has a handful of configuration macros that are needed. Is there an easy way of build a library with some predefined symbols in the mbed environment?

For example, I have used CMSIS DSp with the M4 variants so I need this macro:


I am assuming you have defined the symbol ARM_MATH_CM3? Let me know if there is an easy way of defining a preprocessor symbol so I can get the CM4 variant of the library (to get all of the juicy CM4 ASM instructions!)

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The build system automatically defines ARM_MATH_CM4 if you're compiling for an M4.

I see.

I am getting some errors about some includes from the CMSIS DSP package note being included (core_cm4.h. core_cm4_simd.h, etc.) I manually added this file from a local copy. You might want to see if these are in the build system

posted by Eli Hughes 04 Jul 2014