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usbhost keyboard does not work compiled with lpcxpresso

I compiled these program with the mbed compiler, it works perfect.

I exported these program to lpcxpresso, because I like to have the programs on a offline compiler. Compiling works well, some small warnings. So I have sent the lpcxpresso .bin file to the mbed. Unfortunately it does not work. I get only the blue leds of death and no explaining text in a terminal. What can be the reason?

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7 years, 1 month ago.

Does the export of a simple blink led work with the offline compiler ? The LPC use a special memory setup for the USB stack. Error in linker script ? With a LPCXpresso LPC1769 board - you can debug via the LPC-Link. Without it will be difficult to trace.

Thank you Peter for the good idea to try debug with the lpcxpresso board. I will try it soon. The simple hello word program with blinking led works. Also the mbed rtos_basic program works with the offline compiler.

posted by Mathias Dürst 26 Jun 2014