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STM32 nucleo using SCAN mode for ADC

Hi, I have been trying to use scan mode for the ADC to try to convert two channels as quickly as possible. I am able to set up ADC to DMA for a single channel. However when I increase the buffer size of the DMA to larger than 1, sporadically every 5-10 reading a completely wrong. It seems the two channels every once in a while get crossed and ch0 goes to ch1 and ch1 goes to ch0.

Probably my setup is not right. The question then is there an example somewhere for SCAN mode being using for the STM32 family? It is not in one of the standard library examples that I have. Specifically I am using the L152RE (only has one ADC block).

I found now an example in the STM32 F302R8 standard library. Relatively simple to extend the example to the L152RE. No need to answer question.

posted by Near Margalit 22 Jun 2014

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Hi Near,

could you share the example here too? I'm trying to use a similar approach on the SMT32 L053 board.

thanks Fabio