7 years, 11 months ago.

Can programs be written to and booted from the cortex chip flash memory?

I'm having trouble getting my mbed, NXP LPC 11U24 to boot properly when in a battery powered environment. I'm using a 3.7V battery so I can only power the VB pin, requiring 3.3V, and not the Vin pin, requiring 4.5V. Supplying power to the VB pin powers only the chip and not the rest of the board. The issue I'm having however is on restart/boot, the chip seems to require the rest of the board to be on in order to load are program into the chip. I believe this because if I power only the VB, the program will never start to run after a restart. If power is supplied to Vin for a second on restart and then has power removed from it, the program will run as long VB remains powered. Is there a way to load my code into the cortex chip itself and have it boot from it so that it doesn't need the rest of the board powered for a second to start?

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