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Download codes by J-Link V7 no longer support?

Hello, Yesterday,I use the online IDE and compile a project.Then I download the hex file to my computer.I use the J-Link V7 to connect my nrf51822 with my computer by SWD interface. I use the J-Flash /media/uploads/youyou/jflash1.png to burn the hex file to the nrf51822 chip. But it does not work. So I compile the sample code blinky and burn it's hex file to the chip,but it does not work! I use the latest mbed library. If I use a old mbed library,it woks fine. Before yesterday,this way of burn hex file works fine.But now it does not. I noticed that the mbed library has updated 4 days ago,so the new library does not support this way? Or somewhere to modify? If no longer support, I must the mbed interface? Thank you!

My J-Link Vesrion:


My J-Flash configuration:


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The nRF51822-mKIT is a low cost ARM mbed enabled development board for Bluetooth® Smart designs with the nRF51822 SoC. The kit gives access to all GPIO pins via pin headers …

The same behaviour if you use on-board cmsis-dap interface? Can you share the application?

posted by Martin Kojtal 17 Jun 2014

I have no idea. The PCB is designed by myself and I use the J-Link to download the hex file or debug. I haven't the on-board cmsis-dap interface.When I download the hex of blinky project, the LED is just on ,not flashing.

posted by youyou yu 17 Jun 2014

You can install uvision (32kb limit if no license given), to debug it and see why it is not working at the moment.. Compare NRF files between 2 version of mbed library, to find the real issue.

posted by Martin Kojtal 17 Jun 2014

Hey,I debug the program with the uVision and J-Link. It will die at the last sentence:

10: wait(1);

0x00014166 207F MOVS r0,#0x7F

0x00014168 05C0 LSLS r0,r0,#23

0x0001416A F000FAB5 BL.W wait (0x000146D8)

I confused.Where wrong?

posted by youyou yu 18 Jun 2014

Why no one else to answer this question?

posted by youyou yu 08 Jul 2014
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