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When L053R8 Nucleo Board will be added to supported platforms?

I can not find L053R8 Nucleo Board among supported platforms, STM claims it is supported by mbed.

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it has not been enabled yet, but the support from the implementation point of view is there.

posted by Martin Kojtal 12 Jun 2014

Hi Martin, I already found it and compiled a Blinky LED example for L053R8 platform, it works.

posted by Paul Smith 12 Jun 2014

Do you already have one of these boards...if so from where? I've been waiting for the L053R8 nucleo board to be released...would love to get my hands on one...

posted by Kris Wilk 12 Jun 2014

I got it from STM workshop, look at Digikey, it should be available next week http://www.digikey.com/scripts/dksearch/dksus.dll?LeadTime http://www.digikey.com/product-detail/en/NUCLEO-L053R8/497-14710-ND/4866484

posted by Paul Smith 12 Jun 2014

I have one from today's workshop (18 June) - where can I find the support, please. I have been told they are only engineering samples presently. Can I use a different Nucleo board ID to compile the code?

posted by Tony Abbey 18 Jun 2014

Problem solved - clicking on mbed.html on the Nucleo mass storage drive leads to a non-existing L053R8 description page, but does lead to the L053R8 device appearing in your compiler page. An update of the mbed library then needed and the code compiles OK.

posted by Tony Abbey 18 Jun 2014
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