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Honda Accord OBD2 and LPC1768( U-Blox C027) CAN interface pinout

Hello, I am trying to connect U-Blox C027 to Honda Accord OBD2 interface.

Honda Accord OBD port wiring is as below.


Now as per http://pinoutsguide.com/CarElectronics/honda_obd_2_pinout.shtml , Honda OBD || pin out is

Pin Signal Description

  • 4 CGND Chassis ground
  • 5 SGND Signal ground
  • 6 CAN High J-2284
  • 7 K-LINE (ISO 9141-2 and ISO/DIS 14230-4)
  • 9 SCS SCS (Service Check System) - diagnostic codes
  • 12 Programming out
  • 13 or 14? Input/Output for VTM-4 and immobilizer control
  • 14 CAN Low J-2284 (WEN)
  • 15 ISO 9141-2 L-LINE (ISO 9141-2 and ISO/DIS 14230-4)
  • 16 +12v Battery power (unswitched)

C027 has CAN H, CAN L and ground http://www.u-blox.com/images/stories/c027_pinout.jpg

Can you please advise me how do I connect CAN H, L and G to Honda OBD adaptor?



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Toyota Sienna has similar layout as well: http://pinoutsguide.com/CarElectronics/Toyota_lexus_obd2_diagnostic_pinout.shtml

posted by R J 06 Jun 2014

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First, you need to make sure the kind of ODB2 which have some protocols.

  • SAE J1850 PWM
  • SAE J1850 VPW
  • ISO 9141
  • ISO 14230 KWP2000
  • ISO 15765 CAN

Your vehicle has 7=ISO 9141 K Line in ODB2 connector. Then the protocol is ISO 9141(aka K Line). So your car does not have CAN. You can communicate to your car with K Line.

Thanks !! There is a wire in CAN L and not sure whether I can get any data on that. For K-Line, Do I need to build circuit s per http://blog.perquin.com/blog/category/odbii/ to read data from K-Line?

posted by R J 08 Jun 2014