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how to manage file flash_algo.txt on compiler project Keil v5 ????

the file blob how to file insert???

const uint32_t flash_algo_blob[] = { 0xE00ABE00, 0x062D780D, 0x24084068, 0xD3000040, 0x1E644058, 0x1C49D1FA, 0x2A001E52, 0x4770D1F2, 0xb510482c, 0x5120f24c, 0xf64d81c1, 0x81c11128, 0xf0218801, 0x80010101, 0x44484827, 0xf884f000, 0xd0002800, 0xbd102001, 0x47702000, 0xb5104822, 0xf0004448, 0xb920f86f, 0x2100481f, 0xf0004448, 0x491ef903, 0xf442684a, 0x604a0270, 0xb510bd10, 0x46014604, 0x22014818, 0xf0004448, 0xb930f831, 0x23004815, 0x46212201, 0xf0004448, 0x4913f8b7, 0xf442684a, 0x604a0270, 0xb5febd10, 0x460b460c, 0x46014606, 0x4615480c, 0xf0004448, 0xb958f87f, 0x21012000, 0x1000e9cd, 0x48079002, 0x4622462b, 0x44484631, 0xf8dcf000, 0x684a4904, 0x0270f442, 0xbdfe604a, 0x40052000, 0x00000004, 0x4001f000, 0x41f0e92d, 0x460d4614, 0xf846f000, 0xd11b2800, 0x1e64442c, 0xd00505a1, 0xeb012101, 0x1e422194, 0x2481eb02, 0x447e4e09, 0x8024f8df, 0x42a52709, 0x6830d80a, 0xf8886005, 0xf0007007, 0x2800f8e9, 0xf505d102, 0xe7f26580, 0x81f0e8bd, 0x00000236, 0x40020000, 0x4903b120, 0x71c82044, 0xb8d8f000, 0x47702004, 0x40020000, 0x4916b190, 0x4a166cc9, 0x6103f3c1, 0xf832447a, 0x03091011, 0x2200d00a, 0x2100e9c0, 0x60812101, 0x60c10289, 0x47704610, 0x47702004, 0x47702064, 0xea41b128, 0x079b0302, 0x2065d003, 0x20044770, 0x68034770, 0xd804428b, 0x44116840, 0x42884418, 0x2066d201, 0x20004770, 0x00004770, 0x40048000, 0x000001c8, 0x47f0e92d, 0x0014461d, 0xd01a460e, 0xf7ff461a, 0x2800ffdd, 0x4f0cd116, 0xf8df447f, 0xf04fa030, 0x2d000806, 0x6838d00e, 0x68396006, 0x6048cc01, 0x8007f88a, 0xf886f000, 0xd1032800, 0x1d361f2d, 0x2004e7ef, 0x87f0e8bd, 0x00000178, 0x40020000, 0x47f0e92d, 0x4614469a, 0x4605460e, 0xffb6f7ff, 0xd1252800, 0x0101e9d5, 0xf8f1fbb0, 0xf1c84271, 0x40010000, 0x42b5424d, 0x4445d100, 0x1bafb1bc, 0xd90042a7, 0x480b4627, 0x447808b9, 0x60066800, 0x22014809, 0x0a0a71c2, 0x728172c2, 0xa009f880, 0xf850f000, 0xd1032800, 0x443e1be4, 0x2000e7e5, 0x87f0e8bd, 0x00000106, 0x40020000, 0x4804b128, 0x71c22240, 0xf0007181, 0x2004b83d, 0x00004770, 0x40020000, 0x4df0e92d, 0xe9dd001c, 0x46168709, 0xd025460d, 0xff72f7ff, 0xd11f2800, 0xb04cf8df, 0xf8df44fb, 0x2e00a04c, 0xf8dbd018, 0x600d1000, 0xf88a2202, 0x9a082007, 0x200bf88a, 0x0000f8db, 0x60816821, 0xf816f000, 0xf1b8b160, 0xd0010f00, 0x5000f8c8, 0xd0012f00, 0x60392100, 0x8df0e8bd, 0xe7fb2004, 0x1d2d1d24, 0xe7dc1f36, 0x000000a0, 0x40020000, 0x2170480a, 0x21807001, 0x78017001, 0xd5fc0609, 0x06817800, 0x2067d501, 0x06c14770, 0x2068d501, 0x07c04770, 0x2069d0fc, 0x00004770, 0x40020000, 0x00000000, 0x00080000, 0x00100000, 0x00200000, 0x00400000, 0x00800000, 0x01000000, 0x01000000, 0x40020004, 0x00000000, };

static const TARGET_FLASH flash = { 0x20000021, Init 0x20000049, UnInit 0x2000004D, EraseChip 0x2000006F, EraseSector 0x2000009B, ProgramPage

what is your question?

posted by Martin Kojtal 06 Jun 2014

where this file should be placed in the project??

posted by Sacchetti Giampaolo 06 Jun 2014

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each target has target_flash.inc file where is the flash blob and target flash areas. Tree interface/target/hal/DBG_Manufacturer/DBG_board/


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