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Why do Japanese users love LPC1114FN28 anyway?

I realized a fact that most of fans for LPC1114FN28 are japanese users. Is there any special reason? As I know, most of japanese users prefer local brands like Renesas. It is interesting to find they still love LPC from NXP.

Just for my curiosity.

BTW, does 4KB RAM is enough for a robot application?

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9 years, 9 months ago.

There does appear to be a difference in availability. RS & Farnell don't stock it (yet)

but I hope more people start using the leaded MBED part, instead of DWEENO

so please NXP, More leaded parts!!


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Thanks for your reply. Now I got it, availability issue.

I used to be a FAE of NXP, for MCU (LPC7xx/9xx) and RFID etc. As I know, leaded ones are expensive than SMT ones due to package cost. And SMT version has much bigger sales in consumer products than hobbists market. Hope they can keep it.

However, why they cannot do more by offering leaded version (4KB) with same RAM size as SMT version (8KB). Different package with different RAM size.

posted by Kai Liu 01 Jun 2014