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BLE_HeartRate not working with nRF Toolbox Android HRM App

Hello, I have successfully compiled and downloaded the BLE_HeartRate Program on my nRF51822 mbed Kit. I have installed the nRF Tool box App on my Android running version 4.3, but the app is not picking up the nRF chip. I have tried the same test on an iPhone by downloading the same app from the Apple App Store, but it works. I do not have an iPhone Developer licencee and wanted to develop the app on Android. Is this going to be fixed? Am I doing something wrong?

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Heart Rate Monitor example for the BLE API using nRF51822 native mode drivers

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The BLE stack on Android is still quite buggy, and you might want to try doing a HW reset of the device, and update to Android 4.4. 4.3 was the very first release of the BLE stack and contained a number of not insignificant bugs, some of which were addressed in the 4.4 update.

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unfortunately I am using a Galaxy S3 which hasn't had the official release of Android 4.4.

posted by Saif Sabti 01 Jun 2014