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CC1101 Constructor, RDmiso Parameter

Hello Murilo,

Thank you for making your CC1101 library available for the mbed development environment. I am making my first steps into mbed using the ST Nucleo boards and want to try out some wireless communications with the CC1101.

I am not clear on the meaning of the 5th parameter in your constructor, RDmiso. The documentation says "mbed pin connected to SPI MISO for CC1101 RDY read."

I am currently connecting the radio's MOSI, MISO, CLOCK, and CSN to the pin specified in parameter 1 through 4. I am also connecting the radio's GDO0 signal to the gdo0 pin specified in the next line.

Does this 5th parameter want a second connection to radio's MISO signal?

I'm confused about the function of this parameter.

Thanks for any help you can provide, Laz

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