5 years, 9 months ago.

Sending UDP Packets without killing the RAM? (LPC1768)

Hi everyone,

First, I must say I use a LPC1768 device (UBLOX_C027).

I tried for several days to send UDP Packets using EthernetInterface with UDPSockets.

On my first "HelloWorld" try, it worked perfectly without changing any LWIP option or anything.

But now that I would like to integrate an object able to send UDP Packets in a bigger program, I realize that LWIP is eating a lot of RAM. Is this necessary, even if I just want to send UDP Packets?

I already tried to reduce the heap size used by LWIP (MEM_SIZE) from 16362 to 1600 bytes but my device does not seem to send packets anymore. I can't let LWIP allocate 16362 of my heap just to send UDP Packets...

So I'm really stuck on this problem and I hope to find some help here,

Thanks in advance,


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