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Error occers when downloading binary file into KL25 using K20 with CMSIS-DAP firmware in it

i downloaded CMSIS-DAP firmware (https://github.com/mbedmicro/CMSIS-DAP) into K20(my own minimum system board), and connect swd pins to KL25 (SWD_IO_IN and SWD_IO_OUT use the same pin).

when i dragged a binary file to mbed disk, after sevral seconds, there was a fail.txt file created, it showed "RESERVED BITS"

what is the problem?

best regards yuting you

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It believe it might be related to the security bits of your KL25, I remember reading some discussion about it that the check on it was too stringent, I thought they changed it, but maybe not. Martin probably knows more about it.

posted by Erik - 23 May 2014

@Yuting, can you share your binary? How are bits configured in the flash protection area (0x400-F) ?

posted by Martin Kojtal 23 May 2014

Hi, Erik. Martin, Thanks for the swift replies, i checked the area(0x400f), it was the same as official firmware mbed_if_v2.1_frdm_kl25z.s19, the data in this area is 0xffffffff, 0xffffffff, 0xffffffff, 0xffffFDFE. i think the problem is caused because i connected the SWD_IO_OUT and SWD_IO_IN together (i was trying not to use 74vc125), this may interfere swd timing.it's ok, we'll design our board referring to the FRDM-KL25Z schematic.

now i have another problem. i wanna confirm the interface firmware compiled by the project from https://github.com/mbedmicro/CMSIS-DAP works fine on FRDM-KL25Z board. so i downloaded the project and compiled k20dx128_kl25z_mbed_bootloader_if project, but i can only get a binary file, we know that the offical file is a s19 file. and the bootloader inside K20 doesn't recognize bin file. is there some tools to help convert the bin file to s19 file?

best regards yuting you

posted by Yuting You 23 May 2014
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