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Can the 11U35 actually be programmed using mbed?

Can I in fact build an executable in the mbed online IDE and drag-and-drop program the EA LPC11U35 with the resulting file?

The instructions from EA all refer to *their* IDE ONLY, and no combination of boot+reset button presses seems to result in the mbed IDE-generated file actually being loaded to the board.

Perhaps I'm missing something about the programming of this board...


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Yes. But the steps are different depending on whether you're on Windows or not.


With a USB cable connected, hold down the BL button and press RESET. You should see the green USB light come on, at which point you can release the BL button. After a few seconds a mass storage device named CRP_DISABLED will show up on your computer. On it will be a single 64KB file, firmware.bin, that represents the contents of the flash. Delete this file, and replace it with the .bin file you downloaded from the mbed compiler. Press RESET again, and the LPC11U35 will now be running your code.

Not Windows (OS X, Linux, BSD, etc)

Same as above, but due to the way writes work on Unix-like operating systems you can't just delete and replace firmware.bin. If I recall correctly, you have to overwrite it in place using the command line.

Accepted Answer

For Mac or Linux:

  • delete firmware.bin
  • unmount device (sudo on MAC)
    • using Linux umount /dev/sd* (where * is the location of your device)
    • using Mac OS umount /volumes/CRP DISABLD
  • copy the file to the disk
    • Using Linux dd if=mbed_if.bin of=/dev/sd* seek=4
    • Using Mac dd if=mbed_if.bin of=/dev/disk* seek=4
posted by Sam Grove 21 May 2014

Thanks, both using Windows and the sudo dd methods work.

I'm curious, could this platform use the mbed bootloader instead? Then one would only need to do the PC or dd thing once.


posted by Michael Koster 21 May 2014

No. The other mbed boards don't use a bootloader, they have a separate microcontroller that presents itself as a Mass Storage Device to the PC, and re-flashes the main microcontroller using SWD. The LPC11U35 QuickStart Board only has one microcontroller, which means you either have to use the ROM-based bootloader, or an external SWD programmer. The board is much more power efficient because of this.

posted by Neil Thiessen 21 May 2014

Can I use Serial communication through USB port ? May be I need definition of USBTX and USBRX. Where can I find those definitions on LPC11U35 Quick Start Board?

posted by TO 大森 25 Nov 2014