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Problem with USBSeria_HelloWorld


I am trying to get the USBSerial_Hello example project working. I have an EA LPC4088 QuickStart board connected to a Windows 8.1 X64 machine. I have updated all the lib's and am able to compile and load the program to the board. However, the board hangs on the declaration of the USBSerial object. Also, in Device Manager, I have a CDC Device driver that is not correctly installed.

I have performed the same test with the USBMouse_HelloWorld example project without any issues.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Did you install mbed serial driver??

posted by Martin Kojtal 19 May 2014

Does USBMouse work correctly? (That one requires nothing driver wise, so it is my favorite one to test).

posted by Erik - 19 May 2014

I did install the mbed serial driver and successfully tested the USBMouse_HelloWorld project.

posted by Tom Doyle 19 May 2014
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