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How far is the mbed community going to follow the Freescale Freedom Range?

Am super keen to have gcc support for the KE06 and the whole Freescale Freedom Dev Board range!

Will be utilising these boards in some really great public projects and reckon the whole platform will benefit greatly from it!

I know this is the hobbiest front for the ARM Cortex M range. And you're doing a great job getting the Enthusiasts on board (get it, on board). But a little more professional focus and you'll have a lot of prototyping electronics consultancies getting greatly innovative results for the sheer accessibility of the FRDM boards.... and anyone volunteering on here will be able to get the job they want ANYWHERE!

-Tim Leech Part-Time Electrical Engineering Student Full-Time Electrical Power Systems Technician.

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Freescale is a leader in embedded processing solutions for the automotive, consumer, industrial and networking markets.

I too would like to get the KE06 ready for MBED. I am new to this so would need some help but am willing to give it a try. I will check the link below to get started.

posted by James Cullins 23 May 2014

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Hello Tim Leech,

from my point of view, as I have been porting many Freescale mbed platfroms - I would like to see all FRDM boards available, KL02/KL03 for example, on mbed. They might get ported by a community or by Freescale. The sources are opened, anybody can port a new board. If I find spare time, I might port KL02Z as it has been my intention for quite a while :)


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Good work sir! These boards are just so more professional than arduino. Hence keen to get the board ported that I want to use in a car project. That board would be the FRDM-KE06, for the onboard CAN tranceiver, but hey, I'm out of my depth, will have to wait or teach myself CW10.6 in the meantime. I dearly would love to keep the car open source as it becomes a great promotion catchphrase then. With the obligatory fine print of course.

posted by Tim Leech 19 May 2014

Well I wouldn't hold your breath until Freescale starts porting more platforms themselves, it would be a nice surprise though.

The KL02Z should be relative straightforward. I just checked the KE06 however, and they kinda didn't add the low-power timer there, and the PIT timer also only has two channels. There are most likely other timers which can be abused to do the thing, or the two PIT channels can be used like on the K20, but it will take some figuring out.

However regarding waiting on a KE06 port, outside the initial KL25Z, all ports have been for 90% done by Martin, with the remainder mostly by me (and that 90% might be a too low number). I don't know about Martin and his plans, but I don't even have one of those boards: if you want it ported, get busy porting :D. (Okay it isn't that trivial, but large parts of code can be re-used from other freescale boards).

posted by Erik Olieman 19 May 2014

hi Martin, is there any tutorial or resource about porting a new board? It would help seeing what are the main steps involved in the process and where to find the sources needed for it and how to manage it.

posted by francesco fantoni 20 May 2014

@francesco, tools explain a bit : http://mbed.org/handbook/mbed-tools. I might write a step guide how to proceed which could simplify the process.

posted by Martin Kojtal 20 May 2014

thanks Martin, that would help a lot. I'd be interested in porting ke02z, have you already made any effort in that direction?

posted by francesco fantoni 21 May 2014