8 years ago.

my mbed is nxp lpc1768 but detected lpc2368 !!!

Hello ,

I have an Mbed NXP lpc1768 detected lpc2368 . I need the firmware for lpc1768 .I think it is updated with the wrong firmware !!


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5 years, 1 month ago.

Good day Madam, are still having the mbed LPC 1768 microcontroller? Warmer regards

8 years ago.

The firmware for 1768, 2368 and 11u24 is all the same.

You can try updating it from here http://mbed.org/handbook/Firmware

amzil rida
8 years ago.

thanks , My friend has update me Mbed NXP lpc1768a and now is detected lpc2368 . how i can return the 1768 .

Can I ask you to email the file MBED.HTM from your mbed to support@mbed.org

posted by Stephen Paulger 14 Feb 2013