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I would to write assembly code for the LPC812 and the LPC1114. Template to use?


I have number of questions.

1) I would like write assembly code for the LPC812 or LPC1114. And assembly code can call C code or vice versa. I would like to know the format of how to do that. Any pointer to examples is appreciated.

2) I bought a couple pieces of LPC1114, which can go up to 50Mhz. If I use a 25Mhz crystal, I would like to find out how to setup the PLL to have the system clock go up to 50Mhz. Likewise, the LPC812 can go up to 30Mhz. If I use 12Mhz and PLL, I would like find out how to set this up to boost it to 24Mhz.

3) I would like also to setup an interrupt to be called every XX micro-seconds. Pointers to sample code are appreciated.


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6 years, 8 months ago.

You should better to read User Manual and startup code of LPC1114. If you read those, your question 2 will be solved.

This blog is assembly development on LPC17xx but it may very helpful document.

About assembly language on mbed, you can find the document on here.