9 years, 11 months ago.

BUG: NUCLEO-F401RE FPU enablement causing Hard fault?

Earlier this week I rebuilt a binary for the ST Nucleo F401RE with some very minor changes using the online toolchain. Whist this code had operated before, it would now Hard fault every time. Rolling back to no changes and compiling a new binary had the same effect.

Upon reading this thread: https://mbed.org/questions/3236/When-will-the-FPU-be-enabled-on-the-Nucl/

I exported the project to Keil uVision, set 'Floating Point Hardware' to 'Not Used', compiled and loaded my binary - and it works again as expected, both with and without my minor changes.

Possible online compiler update in the past 4 weeks (delta since I compiled the last working binary with online tools) breaking things somewhere?



Can you get to the instruction where it fails, would be helpful. Or at least a program which allows us to duplicate it quickly.

It can be that there's an issue in the mbed HAL somewhere which worked without FPU..

posted by Martin Kojtal 08 May 2014
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