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fail.txt > Timeout on Windows 8.1(LPC800)

Hello everyone.

So today i was trying to setup LPCxpresso so that i could program offline but before i started i decided to update the firmware on my LPC800 board.

That is where my problems started. At the time i was using my linux system (Fedora 20) and everything seemed to work. However after the update i can no longer use the board.

When i am on linux and try to use LPCxpresso to program the board, it works the first time i upload code (in pure C) but after that the IDE cannot comunicate with the board any longer (i need to reboot the PC). No even drag and droping code generated by the mbed online compiler works.

Also when i'm on linux, if i flash the HDK firmware, i can then upload code (e,g, Blinky) from mbed online compiler by drag and dropping, but if i then plug the board on the windows machine, the code dosen´t (?) run (no led flashing, but the 3 leds, cmsis-dap, usb disk and usb com, work as normal.)

When i am on Windows, the explorer window keeps poping up every few seconds and the drive contains the text file "fail.txt" with "TIMEOUT" inside. The timeout is refering to what exactly? I can´t find any info ou documentation.

Is there any solution? I did find two other threads about the timeout but none of them helped.

I'm also not shure if this is important but i haven't changed the resistors yet (from what i understant that is only necessarie for serial communications)

Well a little update. Whenever the board reset it self, mbed.html gets currupted and when open, displays a string of random numbers and letters. for example (one line for each reset):










Does anyone know if this means anything?

posted by Tiago Costa 08 May 2014

Problem solved. It looks like the firmware didn´t support windows 8.1. With the new release allis working fine.

posted by Tiago Costa 01 Aug 2014
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