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Is it possible to build an mbed microcontroller board using bought parts?

For my project, I want to incorporate all of the functions of the mbed along with my circuits on the same PCB. Can I purchase all of the components from a supplier and then put them on the PCB? If so, how can I obtain the mbed bootloader for the LPC1768, and how is it uploaded?

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Hi Matthew,

Many of your questions might be answered by this page: http://mbed.org/users/chris/notebook/prototype-to-hardware/

As that page says, there is no mbed bootloader. The mbed compiler generates a raw binary, and the mbed interface chip (on the underside of the mbed) takes care of programming the MCU with your binary.

Hope that helps!


Accepted Answer

Thank you for your answer. Where does the LPC1768 get its pin assignments from if it does not have a bootloader?

posted by Matthew Newton 02 Nov 2012

Through the mbed.h include.

posted by Tyler Weaver 07 Nov 2012